See Something, Say Something: Three Reasons You Should Invest In Talking Smoke Alarms

See Something, Say Something: Three Reasons You Should Invest In Talking Smoke Alarms

07 January

Having a smoke alarm and a carbon monoxide detector is necessary for all living spaces. If you want to protect your home and your family, smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors should be installed when you move in and tested every few months to ensure they work. If you are curious about installing a new, top of the line smoke alarm, you may be interested in those that have a few more features. Here are three reasons why you should consider making the change to a talking smoke detector, rather than one with the traditional beeping sounds.

1. It gets your attention better than a beep

In today’s world, we are surrounded by electronics. Many households have cellular phones that make a multitude of sounds, tablets that do the same, plus computers and televisions that make noise as well. it is possible that you or someone in your home may ignore a beeping sound at first, assuming that it is a handheld electronic device. A talking smoke detector will not only make noise, but it will also tell you that you need to evacuate. This is a good way to get everyone’s attention, even from the noises of other electronics. 

2. It provides instructions to children

Children need someone to guide them in making decisions when an emergency happens. A smoke detector that tells your child that there is an emergency and that they need to evacuate is a good way to get their attention and get them to follow safety instructions that can save their life. Remember to go over wth your children what they should do in the event the smoke detector goes off, including where to go when they leave the house and to wait for the rest of the family at the safe spot.

3. You know which issue you are dealing with

If you purchase smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors from the same company, or even in a pack together, they may have a very similar alarm. Also, even the sounds are different, you may not realize which alarm is going off at the current time. Being able to provide information on a carbon monoxide leak or a fire to the fire department can help quicken their response. If there are several levels or wings to your home, it is also good to know where the leak or the fire originated. This will help to determine what happened and how to fix the issue in the future.

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