Why Small Law Firms Need 24-Hour Answering Services

Why Small Law Firms Need 24-Hour Answering Services

26 January

Running a law firm can be challenging if you do not have the economies of scale necessary to make answering services affordable. If you do not have enough business to require a full-time employee to answer phones, but you do receive enough phone calls that keep you away from your core business, it may make sense to hire a phone answering service. Of course, an answering service cannot provide legal advice. However, they can provide advice related to your business and assist leads in contacting you. An answering service can provide the following benefits to your business.

Protect Your Reputation

Maintaining a professional image is a key to building the reputation of your law firm. One way to build your reputation is to always be able to respond promptly. An answering service will not only notify you of calls, but will automatically track these calls.

Answer The Right Questions And Redirect When Necessary

Questions that are easy to be answered can be answered by the answering service. Then, questions that are more challenging can be routed to other staff members. This minimizes the risk that you miss an opportunity as a client turns to a different law firm.

Prioritize Your Most Important Clients

Answering services can be instructed on which calls are to be prioritized. For instance, if you have a client who will likely need your assistance quickly, the answering service will know to route this call to the appropriate employee. However, an answering service can easily assist clients who are making simple inquiries, such as regarding your area of specialization.

Track Your Position To Better Assist Clients

Many answering services rely on your mobile device to track your location. This allows for answering services to provide reliable advice to customers on how soon you will be able to meet the client if you are away from your office. Decide on whether you would like to trade some privacy for more efficiency.

When hiring an answering service, find out exactly what services you will be paying for. Some services charge by the hour, while others only charge for the period of time where they are with a client. Some services are very inexpensive, but may not provide the best service because employees will be more likely to be juggling calls from several clients rather than having more service providers dedicated to you. Any answering service will be better for business than none.

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