Keeping Feral Cats Away From A Restaurant Dumpster

Keeping Feral Cats Away From A Restaurant Dumpster

04 March

If you work in a restaurant, there is high chances you have seen feral cats hanging out around your dumpster when trash is present inside. Feral cats are known to congregate around dumpsters outside of food industry locations. Having them stay on the premises could look unfavorable to customers. Feral cats may also periodically bring the trash bags out of the container, causing you to need to pick up garbage. If you have feral cats present in your area, follow these tips in keeping them away from your dumpster.

Mask Odor Effectively

If your dumpster is especially odorous, all kinds of wildlife, including feral cats, will be attracted to the area to see what contents are waiting inside. To help reduce the attractiveness of the dumpster, take steps to minimize odor so animals are not as apt to get close to take a look inside. Double bag all of your trash to help keep smells contained. Consider purchasing a dumpster deodorizing powder to sprinkle into the unit upon its delivery. This can be added periodically to help reduce smell from the dumpster.

Keep The Lid Closed

Make sure all employees using the dumpster know to shut the lid after each contribution. It is a good idea to add weight to the lid so feral cats cannot slink their way inside. Adding several cinder blocks or bricks to the top of a closed lid can help keep it in place. Another idea is to use a chain wrapped around the width of the dumpster to lock the lid into place. While this may be a bit of a hassle when you need to place items inside, it will still be better than having to clean up trash after a break in.

Add Some Deterrents

If cats are hanging out on your property waiting for scraps, add a few enhancements to the area around the dumpster to help keep them from getting too close. Feral cats are usually skittish by nature and will run if there is a chance of someone getting too close to them. Consider placing a radio out by your dumpster to make cats think people are in the area. During nighttime hours, motion detection lighting can be used to scare off any intruders trying to get inside the dumpster. Having a dog on the property can be a huge help in keeping cats away. Consider bringing your dog to the restaurant and tie it up out back to guard the area during your work shift.

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