How Can A Home-Based Business Use A Self-Storage Unit?

How Can A Home-Based Business Use A Self-Storage Unit?

25 March

Self-storage units are often considered when you have extra items at home that you need to store, or are temporarily looking for a place for your belongings in between relocating. However, they can also be very useful for home-based businesses. Here are some different ways to use storage units if you work from home.

Store Seasonal Products and Inventory

While you run your business from home, you might have some products or inventory that doesn’t fit in your home office or storage shed. This is often a collection of items that are typically sold seasonally, such as if you run a small online retail store that sells summer items like beach towels, swimsuits, and sandals. These items probably don’t sell well in the fall and winter, so you need to store them somewhere to make room for your other items. You can easily store them in the self-storage unit where they are easy to access if needed, but keep your home storage saved for items more likely to sell and be shipped now.

Safely Store Your Business Records

Many documents and records need to be saved for a certain number of years, but your filing cabinets in your home office are running out of space. To avoid having several years of tax records or vendor receipts, you can take the previous years’ documents and store them in the storage unit. Get a small self-storage unit and place some filling boxes and cabinets in there. This helps keep everything organized so that if you get audited, you can quickly find the paperwork you need. The storage unit keeps the documents and records locked up, and will protect it from weather damage, which your garage or storage shed might not do too well.

Create a Private Work Space

You might occasionally find it difficult working from home, especially if you don’t have a spare room to use as your office. In this case, you might want to get away from the house and work quietly somewhere you won’t be disturbed. Using your storage unit is a great option. Storage facilities are often quiet, and depending on the location, you might not have many people walking by or accessing the nearby units. You can get a unit with climate control and electricity so you have lights inside to make it more like a business space. Set it up with some simple furniture and storage options so that you can use your computer, do the month’s bookkeeping, or make calls without house interruptions. Contact a business, such as Gorst Self Storage, for more information about storage.