You Can Use Pond Liners To Create Your Own Wetland

You Can Use Pond Liners To Create Your Own Wetland

08 April

If you are interested in helping the environment and you have a garden or a backyard, there is something that you can do. That is to create a small wetland in your very own yard. Making a wetland in your yard isn’t very difficult, and it can do a lot more than you think. 


In nature, wetlands have a lot of important jobs. One is that they actually help filter water. A large wetland can trap water and then get rid of the sediments and contaminants that are found in the water. As the clean water slowly gets released, it filters back into the ground water supply. A wetland also is an important wildlife habitat. Birds like redwing blackbirds depend on wetlands in order to safely nest. While your created wetland won’t necessarily help to purify water, you can use it to help give wildlife a place to live. 

Creating a Wetland

The operative part of the word wetland is “wet”. The first step to creating your own private wetland is to make sure that you have some wetness. A wet spot in your yard is a good place to start, but even if there isn’t one, you can still create your wetland. One easy way to get that wetness into your yard is to get a pond installed. There are pond liners, from companies like Billboard Tarps, that you can get that will help you create that pond. The liners come in a variety of sizes and shapes, which will let you find the one that is the perfect size for your purposes. Once you have the pond liner picked out, you can get on with the business of creating your own wetland. At that point, you can decide if you want to do something like have a fountain or a shallower part of your pond or additional pond so that birds and other wildlife can take baths or use that area for other purposes. 

After you have had your pond installed, you need to start planting some plants that will give the animals a place to hide and eat as well as help contain water in your wetland. You will also want to make sure that you have grasses as well as flowers. The grasses will give wildlife shelter and help to make your created wetland look a little more natural and wild. 

If you want to help the environment and provide for the wildlife in your area, you can create a wetland in your area. You don’t have to have a large yard to do it. You can start creating a wetland in your yard, no matter what the size.