Eliminating Data Breach Risks: What To Expect From Professional Shredding Services

Eliminating Data Breach Risks: What To Expect From Professional Shredding Services

15 July

Shredding companies offer on-site and off-site shredding services that make it safe and simple for their clients to dispose of their outdated documents. Many business owners schedule regular appointments in order to prevent crowding from unneeded documents. Shredding is the easiest way to make certain that sensitive information does not make its way into the hands of unsavory individuals. It is an important step that prevents businesses from becoming liable for data leaks. The first shredding appointment is usually the most extensive because it often includes multiple years worth of documents. It is normal for customers to be wary about the security of the information they are handing over. Here are a few facts for customers who are not certain how the process works and if it really is as secure as they need. 

What do shredding companies accept? 

Most shredding companies that destroy paper documents also have services that destroy electronic files as well. This includes hard drives, microfiche, and entire computer systems as well as other items. Any paper documents are acceptable including file folders, envelopes, and standard documents. The shredding companies do not require the removal of staples or paper clips before the items are shredded. 

How is it collected?

Secure mobile bins are provided to customers to move the items from their home, office or warehouse to the truck. The client fills the bins prior to the retrieval and can call when ready or wait for a predetermined pickup time.  The client will have the ability to watch the destruction process on a video monitor if they have chosen on-site shredding. If the items are to be taken to the shredding facility they will remain in the secured bins inside a locked truck until they reach their final destination. 

What proof is provided of the shredding?

All items collected by the company are documented and a print out is always provided to the client. This will include a detailed list of equipment and a total weight of paper documents that are removed. All reports are dated and will specifically state when and where the materials were destroyed. 

What happens to shredded materials?

Shredding services recycle all paper and any other materials possible. Transferring the waste to a recycling facility is perfectly safe because all paper is guaranteed to be confetti-sized and too small for any data to be at risk. 

What other services are available? 

Shredding companies are not just in the business of destruction but are data security experts. The other services they offer can vary, but many provide risk assessment for businesses. With this type of service they can review how documents and information are handled in the office and make suggestions to ensure better security. Some also offer records management storage facilities. This is useful for businesses with a lot of documents and not a lot of space. Their secured facilities keep documents and electronic data storage safe but allow the records to be accessible to their clients 24 hours a day. 

How can a client know who to trust? 

Only hire companies that have a NAID AAA certification. The National Association for Information Destruction has very clear guidelines about how materials should be handled and destroyed. Companies that abide by their rules will have strict screening processes in place for all employees, have all of their facilities and trucks monitored with surveillance cameras and must accept random inspection by NAID officials of their company. The companies must also follow the approved methods of destroying all materials. 

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