Tips For Surviving The Open Office

Tips For Surviving The Open Office

08 September

Open office plans have become more popular recently because they help foster collaboration and make it easier for brainstorming sessions to occur. They also tend to be noisier and can make it difficult for people to find a place to sit that is quiet enough for them to remain focused. If you find yourself struggling with doing your best work in an open office plan, here are some steps that you can take to resolve the situation.

1. Create Your Own Mini Office

The first thing that you can do is create your own mini office using the resources available to you. You can go online and check out  the resource management software your company has in place to hand out whiteboards, offices, and other resources that many employees need. If you notice that an office is free all day and no meetings have been scheduled, consider putting yourself in that meeting room all day to work on a big project. The meeting room will likely have a door that closes and will be quieter than the rest of the office.

If you notice that there are a large number of whiteboards that never get used, consider pulling them around your desk and essentially forming your own office partitions with them. This will help block some of the noise and reduce the amount of visual distractions that you might get.

Finally, find a movable desk and see if there are any corners or small areas that you can pull the desk into that are relatively far away from the bulk of the office. 

2. Get Headphones

Invest in noise cancelling headphones. They are great for helping your focus on your work. They are also excellent for signalling to your coworkers that you are working at the moment and do not want to be disturbed. This can help you gain focus and get more done throughout the day. Just make sure that you have times when you are not wearing your headphones in case anyone needs to speak with you.

3. Work From Home Once in a While

Finally, see if you can work from home once in a while. This will allow you to recharge your batteries by working in a familiar setting that is free from the distractions of the office. It can make it easier for you to deal with the office the rest of the days of the week.

For more information, talk to a company that specializes in resource management software. They might have some ways for your to automatically reserve three or four whiteboards in order to make the partitions mentioned above or reserve an office room to have to yourself for a time. Click here for more info.